SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme


TATS (take an adult to school) visit and WE ( work experience) visit are jointly managed by SchoolTrade and Qhakaza. Qhakaza is a 51% black owned, Category A Close Corp. CK: 2010/031343/23.

The aim of Qhakaza is to provide real work experiences for unemployed graduates. One of the challenges of skills development in South Africa is that of unemployment amongst graduates. SchoolTrade's analysis is that unemployment is often because graduates have not had the opportunity to apply their theoretical skills in the work place.

Qhakaza provides a 12 month internship for selected graduates. The various various projects undertaken by Qhakaza students, under the close supervision of SchoolTrade, provide students with the chance to develop their skills in :

• organising and planning
• report writing
• public speaking
• administration
• team work
By the end of their Qhakaza experience we hope that our interns are better equipped to apply their skills and serve the South African economy.


For more information about Qhakaza click HERE.

 Desiree Colborne from Xtec (PMB) poses with Grade 12 learners after an informative TATS (Take an Adult 2 School) visit arranged by SchoolTrade.